Hi Midtown! Well, we’re off and running. I’d like to jot down a couple of things we’ve learned from serving you so far.

  • YOU WANT HOT SAUCE! Yup, we hear you loud and clear. We’re going to start down finding the BEST sauce, but we will have some soon.
  • You REALLY wanted breakfast. The breakfast crepes, and egg croissandwich were flying out the door. Nailed it. We will probably introduce a brunch. While no one has said it, I think you’re thinking it. Coming..
  • Everyone has been so welcoming. We’re happy to be here probably as much as you’re happy to see us.
  • We posted “are you ready Midtown?”. Someone commented back “yes, but are you ready for us?”. We had a line out the door on open. We had a strong flow of hungry customers lining up. The barista was busy fulfilling drinks, and we kept our stride. One item we know about is that if someone order an egg croissantwich, and then a crepe, they won’t come out at the same time. Having food come out staggered is something we’re thinking about.
  • Names on orders. We figured that out in about 10 minutes and fixed it.
  • You loved our pastries. Throughout the day we saw little pink boxes go out in a steady stream. We saw the night pick up.
  • I don’t think we did a good enough job showcasing our other small plates. The Silli pasta is YUMMY. Try some. Seriously.
  • We have dine in desserts too! We have a smaller selection now, but will really expand it. Some of you got to sample the Big Mama, that we posted on Facebook. HEAVEN. Pastry with vanilla bean ice cream, covered in silky chocolate ganache, poured table side. It’s not on the menu, but we have some huge fans of it right now. As we expand, this category will be amped up.
  • Bottle wine prices. Yup. We’re adding that.
  • Wifi? Yep, we have it. The sign is coming. Just ask for the password.
  • We had one adventurous couple try almost one of everything on the drink menu. Thumbs up! Once they knew it was all locally source distilled spirits, they were in. One comment was the Olde Fashioned needed cooler (I agree!) ice cubes, preferably the sphere’s. Yep. On order. Amazon let us down on timing for the launch. BUT, at least I got a nod for the taste. After all, it has my name on it!
  • Where’s the rest of the menu? Coming. We wanted to start small and successful. We wanted good service, work out any kinks, and deliver quality food. Once we get our legs about us, we’ll expand the menu.
  • Lots of people commented they liked to see the owners here. Yep. That’s how the wife and I run things. We are HERE, engaged, and normally working some sort of shift or station. People are often surprised about that. Sadie will always be here, I actually work in IT as well, so I come in for cameo appearances, fix the equipment, and am the “official” taste tester.
  • It was cool meeting so many of you already. We love the Midtown vibe, after all, you’re our neighbors now! I’ve seen several people for breakfast and lunch, and then for nightcaps already. We’re honored to serve you. Thank you!

There will be more we learn. After all, it’s literally hour #18. Again, we love being here with you guys. I appreciate all of your warm welcomes, compliments, and words of advice, we’re listening!! Thank you Midtown.