Now that our launch is over a week old, we are looking to expand the menu. Small plates (which are actually pretty big if you’ve had the pesto pasta) will probably get the first addition, and maybe the dessert category (we are a dessert bar after all) just to name a couple. Launching additional menu items is a not a trivial decision for us. We need it to be yummy first of all, then we need to try it out with staff, and then we need to be prepared to be able to make them day in and day out. We are gearing up to be sure we have the ingredients available and in stock, the last thing we want to do is to offer new awesomeness, then have to pull it because we can’t get an ingredient later. Nothing pains me more than to have to pull a customer favorite. This happened at the bakery when our supplier couldn’t get ricotta for us. Cannoli’s were out for nearly a month! Long story short, we’re looking to expand the menu!

One of the cool things about good business neighbors is that we get to collaborate on making our mutual customers happy. One item was delivering or allowing food from Bonbons to Bruz. So far people have taken the pasta, the crostini’s, pastries and the charcuterie trays have all gone over to Bruz to be enjoyed with a Belgian. We totally encourage it. To make this easier, the owners of Bruz and Bonbons are working at getting our iPad system over there, so all you would need to do is click a button, pay, and we come with the food. Easy! Coming soon. We piloted the app on our side, and now just need to build out the network and the iPad installed at Bruz. We’re working it for you guys! Beer and Bonbons…yum.