Well, we are all trying to keep up with the ever changing news, and how restaurants are handling this crisis. Here’s a quick update from us.

#1, Thanks for the support. We have spoken with many customers, we know they are concerned for us. We have seen Facebook and saw lots of encouragement. We have people coming out patronizing us, still in a safe manner. It helps a lot. We have our employees to worry about and want to be sure we come out on the other side of this as well.

We will have legal changes both from state and federal that we will need to deal with, which may force our direction on what we can and can’t do. We’ve seen other states close restaurants partially, and other countries close them outright. We think that we are heading to a reduced capacity. We hope this means that we can still do takeout service, and provide our food to customers, or remain open, just not allowing full seating. Until Colorado or the Federal government change laws, or alter official suggestions, here’s what we are doing in the meantime.

Most of our food can easily be made to go. We think this would be very easy to do even curbside if we are advised to. We are planning more grab and heat meals to assist families during this time. We think our supply chain will continue to allow us to offer almost everything we currently make and more. We are putting together to go pasta dish, with meat sauce, and or sausage, with bread and salad.

Our seating plan is conducive to social distancing. We may alter our floor plan to ensure this is the most effective. Our customers are already spreading out. We have removed our “Self service coffee station” which had sugar packets, creamer, hot sauces, and to-go lids and cutlery. We have laminated menus, which allows them to be sanitized multiple times per day. We are curtailing large events, and will evaluate the ones already on the calendar.

We know we will be impacted as we all move through this. Restaurants have always provided a level of comfort to people historically, and we would like to continue that in a safe way. We have read numerous articles on how we can achieve this and how people can still go out, enjoy themselves, destress a bit, and have some bit of normalcy back in today’s times, and in a safe manner.

To be honest, it’s rough, really rough. We see measures coming in for employees and tax credit promises, and zero dollar loans for payroll, the government is definitely trying to keep employees whole, and safe. As owners however, we are wondering and struggling on how to keep the money flowing without our customers, who have been scared from the same government and media coverage. Loans and tax credits are a future idea to try and make money work for owners, but very much in the future. Immediate cash flow is the biggest enemy we will have to deal with. We need and thank you for your support during these times to keep everything up and running.