Gov Polis has released some draft guidelines on how restaurants should follow that we have reviewed, but has not released a final date for when in dining services can resume in an safe manner. So far, Bonbons already does or has in place almost all of the items being requested, besides some formal signage that we are in the process of getting printed and put up. Here is a preliminary list of Colorado’s guidance, subject to change:

  • Provide take out options (we do this already)
  • To go alcohol will still be allowed (Yay!)
  • People waiting for to go food will be directed to a certain location away from seated diners (we will put up signs on where to wait, it will probably easier to wait outside)
  • Outdoor seating will be allowed, limited to TBD
  • Indoor seating will be allowed, limited to TBD
  • Bar seating will be closed as we use that to prepare drinks
  • Tables will be 8 feet apart (we might need to close one high top table)
  • All employees will wear masks and gloves (we do that already)
  • Enhanced sanitization procedures (we do this already)
  • Party size will be no more than 6 people seated (We do this already)
  • Reduce congregating, no communal seats, no self service (we do this already)
  • Post signs on health and distancing (We will have this done)
  • Provide sanitizer (we do this already)
  • Employee related restrictions on how we handle food, change out gloves, sanitize and do health checks for employees (We pretty much do this already, except for forehead temp check which is with the health department for a clarification on equipment to be used)

Stay tuned. Official guidance will be released soon as well as an official date to start seated dining. When we do this, we will have signs, instructions, and our staff will be trained and be able to instruct customers as we open up. We will still have an online app, take out, and phone in orders.

We look forward to moving to the next step safely to provide a clean safe dining experience even in these odd times.