For those who followed us during the initial shutdown / delivery know we started using our own app, and started up DoorDash and Uber Eats. We never could get Uber Eats to actually get us up and running, but Doordash was up quick, and then stared charging us fees. Lots of fees. The bakery got hammered on fees, and when we asked Doordash about it, they didn’t care one bit. And because they take the payments, we had no recourse at all. Customer service was terrible, and we couldn’t even get through to them via phone. They “waived” delivery fees for customers, but just passed them onto us, and basically took 30% of the total bill, not just a delivery fee. That’s terrible business for us and struggling local businesses. We finally got them disconnected, and sent the tablet back months ago.

Today we started getting automated calls from DoorDash saying someone ordered, and a driver showed up, now twice. It seems we’re back live somehow, and we have no login to disable anything. After a call to them, all we got was “sorry” and then hung up. My concern is the poor customer who ordered from us (maybe a new customer) who now gets a bad taste in their mouth about us. Doordash might provide some gig workers extra income, but they are absolutely atrocious for small local businesses. While we weigh delivery companies again, know that we will NEVER use Doordash again. We encourage you to STOP using Doordash for the sake of the small business.