Comfort food

Bonbons was just described as having ‘comfort food’ on Google, which took me aback when I read it. Then I thought about it. Sadie had featured several specials that I used to make for her, tomato soup, sausage and peppers, and pesto pasta. Well. It was actually quite flattering, but I realized it was comfort food, just not the kind that get described by most restaurants. So, my favorite is sausage and peppers. This is actually from my Italian roots, and my family used to eat this as a staple. It was my dad’s favorite item to get as a sandwich, The east coast fairs used to have this as a food stand, along with fried dough (just wait till I can get this as a special, I did several tests on some customers, they loved it!), which my great grandmother used to make me as a kid. So we sort of do have some comfort foods, and some of those specials just make it onto the menu. Sausage and peppers which have our pan roasted peppers, sautéed onions, and local sausage, topped with Parmesan cheese, over linguini. Why linguini? Ask Randy his opinion on the pasta.. it’s a story. Anyway, enjoy our comfort food, and stop by to see which special we have come up with, it may just be your new comfort food!


Fresh bread?

Yup, we now make bread onsite. We were trying to figure out how to get our bread from the bakery over to Bonbons, but timing wise never worked. We pick up pastries at 6, and the bread comes out around 8-9. So we did the next logical step, we bake it onsite. And it’s yummy. We have a convection oven, so it cooks a bit different from the bakery, but is sort of leathery, blistered and soft. A perfect combination, and since Randy (me) is a bit of a self accepted bread snob, we now have it daily. We serve both full size baguettes, as well as half sizes (demis). Sooo glad to have it here. Come buy a loaf and be fore-warned, it’s awesome. We will ramp up production to make sure you have plenty. And prepare for an earful if you ask Randy to explain how we make it!


Steak Mondays

I was speaking with a new customer the other day. We were testing out a new steak for our upcoming Steak Monday, and also testing out a burger, and she mentioned that she wanted me to post up on the webpages, that Steak Monday was a recurring special. We normally post on Facebook, but know that we don’t reach everyone there, and we need to keep our specials up to date on the webpage. So.. to my loyal blog readers, I am announcing that we are doing Steak Monday’s. We will probably post it as a recurring special, but will probably post the individual cuts here as well a coupe, of days prior. So what it Steak Monday you ask? Well, my wife is actually a steak and potatoes person, and I normally cook a steak for her once a week. We have tried all sorts of cuts, and are trying to mix it up a bit at the restaurant, and heard loud and clear that people wanted more protein from us. Our newest chef is a great cook, and jumped at the opportunity to have steak night, and promptly served us some killer steak. Our first night was a tenderloin with a cream sherry sauce, which we followed up with a grilled Flatiron steak, which is personally my favorite cut. I made our bartender a ribeye the other day, which is basted in butter and herbs and garlic, yummy the way it’s supposed to be. Wait a minute, for those who know me, I prattle on talking about food, and missed the point. Steak Monday, a new recurring day for you beef lovers. We also have new chicken pastas dishes, in case beef isn’t your thing, and we can always do a vegetarian option. Come check us out on Mondays, and say a ‘Hi’ to Dan in the kitchen. He’s the brains behind the dishes and their sides. The glazed carrots and the sweet potato mash are as much of a hit as the main dishes. See you on Monday!


Valentines Day 5 Course Dinner

Take your sweetheart to Bonbons for Valentines Day Dinner.

5 course dinner, options include warm crab dip, French onion soup, Beef Wellington, and pots au chocolat. Other dietary options are available. $50 per person.

Dinner will be paired with Bruz Tart Brut, and we have other drink specials.

Reservations only, call us at 720-845-2186 to sign up. Space is limited!


Rockband at Bonbons!

Ok Rockband fans… It’s time to compete for prizes for the best 2-4 person band. Jam the night away with friends, or come find a new singer or drummer. Drink specials, and plenty of fun!

January 28th, from 6-8 is the official start, but show up at 5:30 to register, get into the spirit and start the fun.

We have songs from Rockband 1,2, and 3, as well as we have a Beatles Rockband for a later date if you guys rock it out.

Bananas Foster brioche French toast

Yum, it’s back. Randy will be making it for you this weekend as Sadie is baking over at the sister bakery, but she made us brioche. Heavenly. Seriously do not miss this one. Egg skillets are also available on home fries, and scrambled eggs, with Italian cheese and spices. Don’t forget the bacon! Or the sausage, I’m on the fence which one I like better.

Sadie’s Brunch!

Well, I think this is week 6 for doing brunch. Sadie has pulled off some really yummy specials (all different too) and tomorrow’s is no different. She’ll be making strawberry cream pancakes and an egg skillet. Don’t miss it. You know we use REAL maple syrup, right? (much the rejoice of one of our Canadian customers who brought their own the first time we offered French toast, as they were accustomed to the real stuff). I love that story! No Mrs. Butterworths corn syrup stuff here. Come on in this weekend, and have some yummy food, coffee, and mimosas if that’s your thing. Brunch is currently served only on the weekends. Wave at Sadie in the kitchen!