Bananas Foster brioche French toast

Yum, it’s back. Randy will be making it for you this weekend as Sadie is baking over at the sister bakery, but she made us brioche. Heavenly. Seriously do not miss this one. Egg skillets are also available on home fries, and scrambled eggs, with Italian cheese and spices. Don’t forget the bacon! Or the sausage, I’m on the fence which one I like better.

Sadie’s Brunch!

Well, I think this is week 6 for doing brunch. Sadie has pulled off some really yummy specials (all different too) and tomorrow’s is no different. She’ll be making strawberry cream pancakes and an egg skillet. Don’t miss it. You know we use REAL maple syrup, right? (much the rejoice of one of our Canadian customers who brought their own the first time we offered French toast, as they were accustomed to the real stuff). I love that story! No Mrs. Butterworths corn syrup stuff here. Come on in this weekend, and have some yummy food, coffee, and mimosas if that’s your thing. Brunch is currently served only on the weekends. Wave at Sadie in the kitchen!


OMG, did you see the two brunch specials we had today? Bananas Foster French Toast, and the Italian egg skillet. YUMMY. Sadie made me the French toast… heaven.. We have the special tomorrow as well. Come check it out!

The Bananas foster was scratch made brioche bread from the bakery, dipped in egg and cinnamon, served with scratch made bourbon spiced syrup, with cinnamon butter and of course bananas, served with your choice of bacon or sausage.

The Italian egg skillet is bed of home style potatoes, with a cheese scrambled egg, with peppers, Italian spices and asiago cheese, again with your choice of bacon or sausage.

Our customers loved them both. I’ll try to get a picture of the skillet tomorrow.

Another water coloring painting event!

Are you looking for a fun excuse to hang out with friends??!! Join this water color painting glass with Thomas Field at Bonbons Cafe and Dessert Bar. We had so much fun at his class last month that he has offered to teach another one for us! A fall themed landscape to put us in the mood for Thanksgiving!

Get tickets below and join the fun!


Grand Opening!

Its time! This is the fanfare we’ve been waiting to do! All weekend long. 10/12-10/14

  • Painting Class Sunday 10/13 at 4pm
  • Ribbon Cutting Monday 10/14 at 4pm
  • Happy Hour Specials All Weekend
  • New Menu Items
  • Free Samples
  • Give Aways And More……..
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French Fries!

So we fired up the fryer and decided to do some French fries. Plain, shoestring, with salt. Nice. Then we dipped it in ketchup, then we decided to dip it in the homemade aioli. WOW. Then Sadie made cheesey fries, and one with blue cheese (one of our favorites!). Well. They all rocked, but we’re going to throw just the warm, yummy, salted ones on there for now.

And I don’t know if you know, but I did boozey milkshakes the other day. They aren’t ready for everyone to make them yet, but I made a Strawberry Banana Bourbon, a “White Russian”, which was vanilla bean ice cream, two shots of espresso and 2 oz of vodka. Yum. And I also did an orange creamsicle, which was also vanilla ice cream (did I mention we use Little Man ice cream?), our local orange liquor, vodka, and milk. Wow. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but… beep beep… And no booze? No problem, they taste just as good!

Chris gave me a little grief for coming up with cold treats just as the weather is starting to turn, but admitted they were the best he’s had. I also had a Midtowner do some free taste testing while I was perfecting them.

psst.. Thanks B.A.